Life has to be a balancing act of work and play or the stress of never coming up for air can cause all kinds of stress related problems. Sometimes my brain starts getting foggy and I know it’s time to take a break and do something that I find totally relaxing. In my case it’s writing this consumer blog or working on my comedy routine (you’re never too old to be discovered) or walking downtown and enjoying all the sights.

Some people need a gentle reminder that it’s ok to kick back and relax.They are so used to running full speed 24/7 they find it difficult to slow down. My oldest son is a successful Attorney whose stress levels were through the roof until he signed up to be in musicals at the local community theatre. He rediscovered his love of performing outside the courtroom.

I know people who work 2 or 3 jobs who still make the time to unwind and do something that makes them happy. It could be something as simple as visiting a friend or going for ice cream or renting a video and making some popcorn. The secret is knowing how to balance your life so that you stay healthy and happy!

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