Everyone is hanging on to the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens after the House of Representatives rejected the Bailout Bill today.

People are walking around in panic mode because the media is painting such a dismal scenario. As I said the other day, most of us in small town America already know what it’s like to tighten our belts and cut corners…We aren’t in as much shock as the folks who risk losing millions of dollars. We’re nervous of course…but we’re not planning to jump off a building in desperation.

This is a really good time for all of us to stay calm and be there for each other. Small acts of kindness can go a long way when things look gloomy. Today, I received exceptional service in the deli department of a grocery store. I made a point to let the manager know how wonderful the young lady treated me. He smiled from ear to ear. Then he passed that smile on to the next person waiting to talk to him.

We didn’t solve the big problems in our country but staying happy and positive certainly helped us get through our day.

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