Fifty years ago, I never would have imagined that we would be connecting with people all over the world via the internet. Back then, you wrote and mailed letters or made very expensive long distance calls. Life certainly has changed…Is it 100% for the better?

I have mixed feelings about this…I still love writing letters but I do miss conversing on the telephone.  There are people I care about whose voices I haven’t heard in years because they no longer will talk on the telephone.  (You know who you are) There are others whose voices I have never heard because all of our communication is on social media , texting or through emails.When I receive a text, it takes time for me to reply.  Usually my first attempt is filled with typing errors because I am usually sending it from my phone and my eyesight isn’t the greatest. You really have to be careful with that because you can send a message with words that take on new meaning when a letter is typed incorrectly. I am SURE everyone reading this can relate and share a funny story or two…

Imagine how much time we could save if we went back to communicating verbally? We could free up ALL those hours we spend trying to respond to all those written messages. We could call each other and say, “I LIKE what you wrote…I’m glad life is going well and by the way…I LOVE your new hairdo. That took all of 5 seconds to express that verbally! We could fill our voice mails with beautiful, expressive voices who leave us sweet messages.

I would leave you snippets of songs I am writing and poetic verse! I would try out my newest comedy on you and hopefully make you laugh!

My BIG birthday is coming up in a few weeks. (Jan 29th) I would LOVE to hear your voice! Can you take a minute and call me?

If I can’t pick up the call for any reason, (working, baking a cake, sleeping) PLEASE leave me a message.

It would be SO exciting to find lots of VERBAL birthday greetings on my voice mail.   Feel free to sing Happy Birthday even if it’s off key…You know I’m going to LOVE it and play it back a dozen times. Don’t forget to leave your name since I may not recognize your voice!

Don’t have my phone number? Send me a message but proofread it first! 🙂







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