Two days ago, on the first day of spring, it was as if G-d had painted the sky a brilliant shade of blue, and then kissed it with the sun. The day was a gift for those of us who needed thawing out from the coldest winter in years.
Today, as I am writing this column, (March 22, 2010) it is dreary and snowing again. The sky is gray and unwelcoming. Even the sun took its cue and disappeared behind the clouds.

It’s amazing how my mood goes up and down like a yo yo. It’s like there’s a barometer attached to my brain. Dreary weather coming…Watch out!! Mood swing on its way!

It’s not exactly like I can crawl back into bed and stop life until the sun reappears! A natural remedy for this condition is to type in the words pictures of beach on my computer…take a 5 minute break and stare at all the gorgeous pictures, while sipping a tall glass of lemonade. (Imagination is a prerequisite.)

By the time I post this column, the weather will hopefully be sunny and warm again. I’ll be laughing while dancing around my home/office to the music of my beloved Pointer Sisters.

A good time for my neighbors to borrow that cup of sugar!

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