Andrew Young’s book, The Politician is out and once again, North Carolina is put on the map for the sordid details of former presidential candidate John Edward’s affair with Rielle
People magazine (Feb 15, 2010 issue) included an interview with Young and his wife, Cheri. According to Andrew Young, he and his wife wanted” power and a bright future.” In my opinion, they are just another example of how people sell their souls to the devil if it means a big fat (in their case $300,000) paycheck.

I laughed when I read his wife ‘s reaction when Edwards made his stunning request:Would Young publicly claim to be Rielle Hunter’s baby’s father? She said, “I was in shock but we were completely dependent on Edward’s financially.”

Oh lady, please don’t think the public is going to fall for that! Your husband graduated from Wake Forest School of Law and could have searched for employment anywhere in the state of North Carolina. He chose to work for John Edwards and he chose to stay even after he realized what an unethical man he was working for! Don’t feed us this sad sob story! You went along with this scam because YOU loved the money and the power.

The article mentions how Andrew and Cheri Young are upset that their son’s best friend no longer wants to play with him and how the neighbors have snubbed them. My answer to that… Maybe you should have thought about your precious children before you got yourself into this mess! Obviously, the money and power was more important than your family. How sad!!

The joke of this whole situation is…Andrew Young whines that he’s now “unemployable” but the REAL story is… he’s going to make millions off his tell all book. He has the audacity to say that he wrote the book “so the truth can be told”-not to cash in.

Anyone who believes that…Please let me sell you some swamp land in Florida!!

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