Call me old fashioned but I think there are some things that social networks such as Facebook should not be used for. One of them is letting your significant other know by a simple click on the keyboard that the two of you are yesterdays’ news. (Relationship status single.) Not only is that a coward’s way out, it’s just downright mean.

I’ve seen it happen over and over again from the very young to the you should know better age group. (40 and older).

What happened to Dear John or Dear Jane letters? They must have gone by the wayside when emailing and texting replaced letter writing. I think with all our great advancements, technology has dumbed down the human race. We may type faster, fill our heads with more information that we could possibly ever process, make life a lot easier, technologically speaking, BUT we are losing the ability to communicate with another human being.

I’m concerned that in another generation, the art of conversation will be extinct. What will follow?

Read this interesting article about the downside of technology. Readers…I’m curious what you think!

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