The other day, a woman called me a ” Dumb Bitch”. She didn’t say it to my face…She posted it online in response to something I wrote. I find it pathetic how easy is has become to hide behind a keyboard and type despicable things to strangers.

When people do this, I always imagine scenarios like a stressful home life or frustrating work conditions. A person certainly can’t tell their boss to “Go stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.” I could find a dozen excuses for their lack of online etiquette but the truth is…They are just being nasty!

Can you imagine if their children or grandchildren went on their phones or laptops and read their hateful words. How would they explain their language? Would they rationalize to these impressionable youngsters that it is perfectly acceptable to curse out someone whom you don’t agree with? Would they tell them that is is justifiable to be a bully because sometimes people just need to be put in their place?

Some grownups forget that they are supposed to be role models for younger generations.

Sadly, we have created a world where bullying has become an epidemic. Children have committed suicide because they just could not cope with the hate. That is heart wrenching!!

Some people I know have walked away from social media because they just can’t stand it anymore. I respect them for their decision. Others have stayed and quietly removed themselves from any source of dissent. Others fight back because they think they can persuade the bullies to be decent human beings. That causes more stress which we all know is terrible for our health.

I like to think of myself as an Ambassador for kindness but I’m smart enough to know that some people thrive on being hateful. My goal is to reach out to people like you ( I assume you care if you are reading this) and encourage you to share this and help me spread the word…

Verbal abuse is NOT the way to make the world a better place.

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