The other night, I watched a television show called The Food Revolution. It’s a reality show about a British food guru named Jamie Oliver who comes to the United States to try to revolutionize the way our kids eat. He wants to help them make healthier choices and learn to appreciate fresh foods.


Oliver starts out at an elementary school in Huntington, West Virginia rated the unhealthiest city in the nation. The resistance he faces is pathetic, from the local radio station to the school cafeteria staff. Their attitude speaks volumes. They do not appreciate Oliver’s good intentions and they highly resent an outsider telling them what to do.

I think the most shocking moment is when Oliver holds up a tomato and asked a group of first graders, “Do you know what this is?” Not one child knew! When he holds up chicken nuggets and french fries, they immediately respond!
I’m not a big fan of Reality Shows, but this is one I would highly recommend. This show will open your eyes to the many health concerns our children will face, if we (the adults responsible for feeding them) don’t fix their diets!

** Since the show was filmed, there have been some positive changes in Huntington, West Virginia.

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