Today, I received an email from a former classmate asking for nominations to our high school’s Hall Of Fame. Our high school has produced dozens of very famous people through the years…movie stars, politicians etc… But as my classmate mentioned…not one famous person from our class.. the class of 68′.

It got me thinking about all the people I’ve written about through the years…Not necessarily the most famous but certainly some of the nicest people you’d ever want to know. They may never make it to a Hall Of Fame but they certainly impressed me enough to write about them.

Here is an excerpt from my response…..

You ask for nominations for extraordinary people…I’m suggesting that there is something extraordinary about the ordinary. The guy who never complained because life didn’t turn out to be a bowl of cherries …the guy who went to work every day with a amazingly positive attitude,…met all of his obligations and lived his life as an ethical, responsible person because that was the right thing to do…I think in this day and age…That’s worth recognizing….Right next to the movie stars, politicians and other High School stars

I nominated my husband for the High School Hall Of Fame.

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