This past week, my daughter, Heidi, relocated to South Florida. Thanks to our loving cousin Susan, she has a place to stay while she pursues her music career and many passions.

When Heidi returned to Asheville last year, I knew it was only temporary. It was a much needed rest stop on her journey called L-I-F-E. While here, she produced some amazing music, made some wonderful new friends and evolved to a deeper spiritual level.

In the past few days, Heidi has reconnected with her roots, spending time with an Aunt and lots of cousins, marveling at the similarities and feeling a sense of belonging to an extended family that she barely knew. (We moved away from South Florida almost 24 years ago.) Every experience is worth recording, every moment worth sharing. My phone is filled with lots of  text messages and videos that I am transferring to my computer.

Today she sent me a video of my Aunt Annie, who I have such wonderful memories of. As a young bride, I remember spending an entire day with my Aunt, learning how to cook family recipes. I was in awe of my Aunt’s culinary abilities. More importantly, I was deeply touched that she cared enough to do this for me.

There are some gifts in life that don’t come wrapped in fancy packages or cost a huge amount of money.

My daughter received one of those gifts this week.

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