I’ve come to the conclusion that most businesses could care less about a problem you encounter after a sales transaction is completed. “Just give me a call if you run into a problem,” has become almost laughable. Unfortunately, with shoddy workmanship rampant in the world of manufacturing, service calls are at an all time high!

Service calls to many of the larger companies in this country, has become a source of frustration with the introduction of computer generated operators who are difficult to bypass to get to a live person. When you finally get through to a human being, your call has often been rerouted thousands of miles away to a heavily accented voice with a popular American name who (with all due respect) you need a translator to understand. Unfortunately, the customer has no other options if service is required.

Even many smaller companies who pride themselves on treating customers right are paying less attention to post sales situations. With the challenging economy, the focus is on.sell…sell…sell!! Customer service is no longer a priority.

I think a reminder is long overdo that the most powerful advertisement for any size business is the customer. Word of mouth, internet store and product reviews…The customer holds tremendous power to bring in new business and drive business away. Every little guy counts!

Businesses need to remember who butters their bread!

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