I’m sure the title of this column attracted a few new readers and may have confused some of my regulars who know that Debi Drecksler is a G-rated columnist who even an 86 year Grandmother can read without blushing.

Yes…the title was intended to catch your attention because as we all know… In this day and age…sensationalism sells. Have I made my point?

But this isn’t a steamy column. This is about learning to accept ourselves for exactly who we are even if the advertising world is spending millions of dollars attempting to convince men, women and children that we are less than perfect. No-one is exempt from the brainwashing tactics. We are told our skin is unacceptable, our teeth are stained and dingy, our bodies are undesirable..the list goes on and on. We are programmed at a ridiculously young age to find faults with ourselves because the advertisements designed to sell us a product tell us how flawed we are.

When a teenage girl pleads with her Mother to co-sign with her at a tanning salon so that she can look pretty like the all the other girls…We have a problem. When a 30 something woman injects herself with Botox because she freaks out at the first sign of laugh lines …We have a problem.When a guy is purchasing an overpriced product from an infomercial that claims it will pump up your body and attract the women…We have a problem.

I’m sick of the American public being conned by these greedy companies who truthfully don’t give a hoot about you…They just want your money.

Big question…what do consumers do? For starters..Express your thoughts to the companies that are trying to sell you highly overpriced products and services. Express your outrage at companies that are targeting young children and teenagers who are already dealing with self esteem issues.Express your concern to companies that make promises and guarantees about their products that are not true!

If consumers sit back and do nothing…then they will continue to feed into the hype that we are flawed and need fixing,

It’s time we learned to love who we are.

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