It was just another casual dressing day but I decided to wear the sparkly necklace that I had bought several years ago at a craft show. I knew that if I saved it for a fancy occasion, it would be sitting in my jewelry box for years.

I remember when the necklace first captured my attention at a craft show. The gentleman who created it, insisted I try it on and even handed me a mirror to admire it on my neck. It was so lovely and sparkled like diamonds. The best part was…It was very inexpensive and I could afford it! I remember the man saying as I handed him the money, ” You look like a princess in that necklace!”

The sun was shining brightly yesterday when my husband and I went for a late afternoon ride. In the car, I immediately noticed the prisms of light that were flashing all over the interior of the car. I said to my husband, “Where are all these beautiful colors coming from?”

“It’s your crystal necklace,” he answered. “The sunlight filtering through the windows is bouncing off your necklace causing all these brilliant colors.”

I was fascinated and caught between watching the magnificent light show and enjoying the gorgeous mountain views on this beautiful Spring day. Though I was only miles from home, I felt like I had entered a magical kingdom.

My heart overflowed with joyfulness.

Today, I thought about that affordable necklace and how truly valuable it turned out to be.

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