Many years ago, I wrote a customer service column where I acknowledged people who gave outstanding customer service. I came up with the idea because I felt people were quicker to complain than say something positive. It is amazing what a difference a few nice words can make.

Sadly, we have become a society where many people walk around with their heads down in their phones, barely noticing their surroundings. They go shopping and pay no attention to the people around them because their phone beeps. They don’t smile or make eye contact with the cute baby in the cart ahead of them. They rush through transactions hardly acknowledging the cashier. Responding to strangers on the internet has replaced human contact.

I try very hard NOT to fall into this category because after writing hundreds of columns about nice people…I know the power of kindness.

I SEE the surprised look on the cashier’s face when I ask her how her day is going…and notice how she happily greets her next customer. I SMILE at a stranger on the street…and notice when they return the smile.   I WAVE at the guy in the car who stops at the pedestrian crossing  … and notice his pleasant reaction.  I make the baby giggle looking over his Mother’s shoulder as she pays for her purchases… and notice how appreciative she seems.

We hold SO much power in our words, expressions and gestures of kindness. It doesn’t take much effort to put some happiness in another person’s life. You don’t even have to speak their language.

You just have to reach out and share a little piece of your heart.


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