The other day I bought myself a red dress. Not just any dress…If it was just an ordinary dress then I wouldn’t be writing about it. It was a FABULOUS red dress.

I was wandering through the mall on a very rainy afternoon and I saw this dress on a sale rack in a department store. Tucked between the boring and bland, it stood out like a beautiful rose. Just the color alone put a smile on my face. I pulled it out and couldn’t believe my eyes…It was MY size!!

Dashing to the dressing room, I quickly tried it on and it fit perfectly…like it had been created just for me. As I twirled around the dressing room, I knew I had to have this dress. Though I had no place to where it at the moment, it held promises of wonderful, exciting times to come!

When I paid for my purchase, the cashier pointed out what a terrific bargain I got on my designer dress. I smiled and thought, “I could care less what fancy label it is or how much it originally cost!”

All I knew was, that beautiful, vibrant red dress was clearly waiting for me to take it off the rack and give it a LIFE!

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