I ran into Hamricks clothing store the other day and smiled when I saw what I refer to as the husband chairs. Years ago, when I wrote for the local newspaper, I commented in a column how nice it is that Hamricks provides chairs for the husbands while their wives shop. (It’s a known fact that women can shop until they drop.)

I stopped by the sitting area to put something away in my purse and overheard two elderly men talking. One of them said, ” I live here but I had to go all the way to Canton to find me a wife. Good thing I did because she’s a keeper. We’ve been married going on 60 years next month.” The other gentlemen nodded his head and said, ” Sounds like you picked a good one!” I started to laugh because Canton is just a few towns over from Asheville and the comment just struck me so funny. The two men looked at me and smiled. I gave them my biggest smile back!  Those few seconds stayed with me all day and put me in the BEST mood.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, you read a lot about the simple things in life that folks are thankful for. You read many heartwarming human interest stories about family and friends…loved ones that people are grateful to have in their lives.

Overhearing part of a conversation between two elderly men made me realize what else I am thankful for.

A smile from a stranger.

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