Getting comfortable in the new townhome includes becoming familiar with the noises of my new habitat.Nature’s musical symphony has disappeared being replaced with the sounds of modern technology.

We’ve never had an ice maker…The first time I heard the loud banging, I jumped out of bed and ran to check all the doors convinced someone was breaking in. The upstairs and downstairs have separate heating/ac…All day long, I listen to the strange sounds of the systems going on and off. We have wood flooring throughout the entire downstairs and our ceilings are very high…. Our voices literally bounce off the walls. As I sing my way through the house, I fantasize about being in a recording studio producing my “hit” song.

It may take some getting used to but I’m sure that soon enough…the hiss hissing, thump thumping, echo echoing of this brand new place will feel like home.

I look forward to that day!

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