Scott Weisenberger offers his customers much more than just freshly baked goodies at Sisters McMullen Cupcake Corner at 1 Pack Square in downtown Asheville. He’s more like an Ambassador to the city for the countless visitors who can’t resist stopping in after peering in the window and seeing the colorful display of pastries.

A young couple open the door and Scott gives them his biggest smile and a warm greeting. Their eyes light up at all the goodies. ” Take your time”  he says. “There’s no rush. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.” It doesn’t take them long to make their decision, pay for their cookies and start munching!

A self professed downtown “groupie”, Scott enjoys working on the same corner, seeing many of the same faces every day. “The staff of nearby businesses love to come in here and get themselves a treat,” he says. ” I’ve worked here for almost 3 years and have enjoyed getting to know them. I’m also lucky enough to live in the area. I walk or take a bus to get around and don’t have to be a slave to a car. It’s a great way to live!”

When Scott sees me coming through the door, he knows to start packing up a few black and white cookies. For years, I searched all over Asheville for black and white cookies that resembled the ones from my Father’s restaurant (Wolfies) in South Florida. It’s like having a little bit of “home” each time I take a delicious bite!

Thanks to Scott Weisenberger, stopping in for my cookie “fix” is (as always) one of the nicest experiences of my week!

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