Technology is amazing but I worry that we are losing as much as we are gaining. I’m concerned that our verbal skills are weakening as young people interact via computers and text messaging more than they do in person.

How will the next generation develop good verbal skills if they don’t have enough opportunity to practice what they learn? Are we spending enough time talking to each other? Is the art of the spoken word in jeopardy?

The other night I overheard a group of young men talking and every other word out of their mouths was slang or offensive language. Not one sentence was articulate. I am not a stuffed shirt by any means but they sounded moronic…. I wondered if they even had the capabilities to carry on an intelligent conversation.

I believe that we need to make verbal skills a priority in what we teach our children. …From the day they enter school.. to college interviews.. to job interviews.. to getting out there and finding their place in the is essential that we teach them how to communicate well with others.

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