Sometimes life takes a few sharp turns and even the most thought out plans get scattered in the wind. I believe it’s best to accept that certain things happen for a reason, even though we may not always understand why.

Recently, I wrote about my youngest daughter’s move to Los Angeles, the second part of her amazing journey. Within a week, the plan had developed snags and my daughter realized the timing and circumstances weren’t in her best interest. She decided to take a detour in her journey and come home, a place where love flows like water through the pipes and a warm hug can comfort the weariest of travelers. Her Father (our hero) showed up at her door less than 24 hours after her decision, to help pack up her belongings and accompany her on her exhausting trip across the country.

I haven’t seen my daughter in 10 months. We kept in touch by talking every day and capturing smiling images with our cell phones to send across the miles. She knew that I was planning to come out as soon as I was able to make the journey. That thought kept her hopeful that she would see me soon.

My daughter’s change of plans came unexpectedly which is why I always say, “Life is filled with all kinds of surprises.” I can’t believe that I’m going to see her in just a few hours! I’ll be waiting at the door to give her the BIGGEST Mommy hug.

And to whisper in her ear…”Welcome home!”

*** A big thank-you to the entire staff at Holiday Inn in Woodland Hills, California for their outstanding customer service.

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