I hate wearing tinted glasses when I’m in brightly lit places but unfortunately ever since my eyes were damaged, I see better when I’m wearing them. Otherwise, bright lights (the kind in grocery stores, department stores, etc..) literally blind my eyes. Being the graceful creature that I am, I don’t want to trip and fall on my face!

Since writing comedy is my latest passion, I try very hard to find the humorous side of everything that life throws my way!

Why is Debi Drecksler wearing tinted glasses indoors?
She’s a mysterious lady, perhaps someone important about to upstage our local celebrity, Andie McDowell???

She’s had one too many chocolate martinis and is hiding behind the glasses, hoping that she doesn’t bump into her religiously oriented friends???

She got up too late to put on her three coats of mascara and just can’t let the outside world see her like this???

She’s a snob who thinks she’s too good to talk to folks in the check-out line???
I express my feelings with my eyes and I don’t like when people can’t see them BUT it’s not the worst thing in the world. If I’m happy (behind my tinted shades) I can always dance around the store aisles singing, ” I’m so excited!” (Pointer sisters…1982)

I think folks will get the hint that I’m having a good day!

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