My daughter, hip hop artist/lyricist Heidi D is known for her spiritual counseling. Thanks to Skype, people all over the world can partake in her positive approach to life and walk away feeling refreshed and renewed. As the woman who brought her into this world, I  have been the recipient of her gifts which include helping me tap into my creative potential.

Heidi sees things about me that I have either given up on or tucked away under years of  trying to survive rather than thrive! Her resume of MY LIFE is filled with creativity and productivity. I think it is fascinating to view my world through my 29 year old daughter’s eyes.

I say, “I think it might be too late for me!” …She says, “You have just reached the greatest stage of your life.”

I say, “How can I make this happen!” …She says, “By putting it out there 24/7 and eliminating the negative self defeating thoughts.”

Imagine a big thick rope and my daughter and I at separate ends.We are each pulling that rope and though I am taller and weigh more than my child, she has pulled me over to her side. She is laughing because she knows I am not going to win no matter how hard I pull.

The strength of her LOVE is powerful. She will NOT allow her Mother who she lovingly calls “Burd” (imagine a Mommy bird taking care of her young) to make excuses for why she hasn’t fulfilled all her dreams.

I am her role model. If I slip and fall she will pick me up and put me back on my path. Just like I did for her a hundred times as a child.

She is my role model. I have created a strong daughter. She inspires me with her courage to put herself out there and just BE!

I have dreams and they will come true if I think outside the box and toss my inhibitions to the wind.

I am going to put lotion on my rope burns and get busy living life to the fullest.

I have a daughter waiting to meet her Mother at the finish line!


Heidi Drecksler

Heidi Drecksler

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