Nestled in a gorgeous natural setting with a mountain view, this 4 bedroom, 3 bath house in Riceville Forest is waiting for a family to walk in and say, “This feels like home!”

That was my experience with the house my family and I called home for 16 years. After searching for months to find the perfect place for my large family… from the moment I walked through the door, I knew that this was the one!

Now that our children are grown and we’ve downsized, it’s baffling to me why this beautiful house hasn’t sold. It’s fairly priced, in a great neighborhood and all these years later, still takes my breath away when I see the gorgeous mountain view.

I know the real estate market is very slow but I keep thinking that somewhere out there is a family who is searching for just the right house. I envision them walking through the door and just like me, all those memories ago, knowing that they’re home.
If you close your eyes and listen…perhaps you will hear music, laughter and the joyous sounds of childhood. What you will discover is more than lots of wonderful space and beautiful mountain views… We are leaving you a home filled with so much love it still flows through the house like the water in the pipes.
~Debi, Richard, Jason, Samantha, Heidi & Paul

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