As a parent of four, and grandmother of one, I believe that mothering is no easy task but one that when life runs smoothly, feels like it’s worth every moment of your time and energy.

What about those “off” days when you question why you didn’t remain childless and travel the world, seeing all kinds of exotic places and meeting fabulous people. As you put your umpteenth load of laundry in the washing machine, try to figure out how to create a dinner out of leftovers and console a crying baby (or two),  maybe you’re tempted to step into the garage, dust the cobwebs off your over sized backpack and take off into the sunset.

As I read the postings of some of my younger “Mommy” Facebook friends, it takes me back to a time when I was doing what they’re doing, feeling what they’re feeling. The wonderful thing is that they have the online support system thing going on… In a matter of seconds , they can get a response that may help them get through a rough patch. Back then (in the old days) it was , “I wonder if any of my family or friends are available to talk on the (house not cell) phone. I could sure use some adult stimulation right about now.”

I survived those years, with all those kodak moments and challenging times…. ( A nice way of saying, ” Why G-d why?). As I look back over those decades of parenting, I think to myself,” Wow, a lot of time and energy went into raising those 4 kids,”

Then I ask myself the BIG all important question…Would I do it all over again?”

Readers…What do YOU think my answer would be?

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