Last week my husband and I spent time with our only grandchild. She lives quite a distance, so visiting her means getting up very early in the morning and driving 4 1/2 hours to avoid traffic.  Long day, but well worth it!

 From the moment our granddaughter spotted us through the car window ( my husband and I arrived at our son’s office before it opened) her face lit up and she could barely wait to jump out of the car and hug us. My son told me later that he lingered in the car intentionally, just to watch the scene.

We headed straight to the office lobby to open the presents that she knew were waiting for her. Hallmark will love me for mentioning this…I saw one of the adorable commercials about the talking books and bought the one called My Little Princess. My husband made the selection because that is what he chose to call her from the moment she became part of our lives.

Our adventurous day included a trip to a fun center filled with a huge inflatable indoor playground. It was a teacher work day so the room was filled with children. Watching my granddaughter have such a good time and listening to her laughter brought back many sweet memories of her Daddy and his siblings at that age. After a few hours and not seeing her energy dwindle, enticing her with lunch was the only way we could convince her it was time to leave.

Next chapter of the adventure….Our son took us to lunch at his favorite family restaurant.The food was great and the service was exceptional.

After lunch, we all spent some time together, my granddaughter and I busy dressing her new Barbie doll in various outfits. Soon it was time to head back to the mountains.

 As we headed out the door, our granddaughter turned to her Poppi and wrapped her arms around him.  Then she turned and hugged me. Few words were exchanged but she gave us her biggest smile when we promised to return soon.

 For a brief moment, I clearly saw the world through the eyes of this seven year old child who wished for only one thing when she was a little girl in foster care… a family she could love…forever and ever.

That night I took home a slice of that love.

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