“Time passes much too quickly…When we’re together laughing” From the song Beginnings by Chicago

Is it my imagination or does time go by faster as you get older? A perfect example is…Seems like yesterday, I neatly stacked all the boxes that need to be emptied in the corner of my office during our Big Move and I realized today…that was 5 months ago!

My husband just reminded me that tomorrow is garbage day and I looked at him oddly because it was just Tuesday…wasn’t it?

I’m trying to figure out if it is me or is the world suddenly moving at a faster pace? If that’s the case, then I’ve got a lot of living to do!

There’s so many places I want to see. For starters…the entire United States. I’d like to get an RV and travel with my sweetie from state to state meeting new people ( great material for a writer), seeing new sights and having exciting adventures along the way.

With time racing by, I’m trying to figure out how to do this NOW and still be able to generate enough income to survive. Since retirement is not a possibility in this lifetime, perhaps I could be the star of my own reality show, The Adventures of Debi D. Everyone can tune in weekly to see if I flip out on my hubby after weeks of living in a tiny space or have a melt down because I visit a town that doesn’t have a Starbucks for my daily fix! They can film me in the morning before I brush my long, extremely wild hair to keep viewers happy that they’ve seen me at my worst. (Trust me…There won’t be any bathing suit pictures of me on the cover of People magazine).

I think I can make this happen! I’m going to figure out where to send my amazing idea in the next few seconds… minutes…or hours….at least before garbage day rolls around again!

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