I am working on a handbook for people buying new construction in housing developments. Model homes look beautiful…Everything is designed to make you go WOW! It’s easy to get swept away by the newness of it all and forget to ask important questions.

Here is a sampling of what I plan to include.

Your builder gives you a choice of paint colors. You have an option to upgrade for an additional charge. Don’t forget to ask, “Is the home going to be painted in flat or latex semi gloss paint?” Remember that walls can’t be wiped clean with flat paint. Don’t assume anything!

You aren’t happy with the bathroom sink fixtures the builder is offering and decide to upgrade on your own. The builder’s installer scratches your counters while installing them. Ask ahead of time if any damages are covered by the one year home warranty if you purchase something not offered by the builder.

If the new home you are purchasing is not already built, be very hands on during construction. If you are living out of town during construction, arrange for someone to watch everything that is going on. (Pay them if you have to…It will be the Best money you ever spent!) An Attorney I know had his Father make a surprise visit while his garage was being built and found the wood they were using infested with termites. Another homeowner found the floor that she ordered was not what was installed. The builder had changed manufacturers!

Do your own research on any appliances included with the home. Don’t be afraid to talk to the builder if you have any concerns about the choices. Print out consumer reviews, if necessary! Builders get deals from companies but they don’t always know all the facts!

Take your time at the final inspection…Go through that home on your hands and knees if you have to. It is a royal pain in the rear end to discover something wrong after you have moved in and then go through the tedious steps of getting it fixed.

Always keep in mind…You, the homeowner, are paying for all of this. You have every right to be involved every step of the way!

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