Moving is exhausting. Here’s some advice that might help my readers .

Be organized. Get a notebook and make it the one place where you write everything down pertaining to the move.. Use one folder to keep all your receipts for moving expenses.

Label your boxes. If this is a local move, neatly write the contents of the box on the outside of the box preferably in marker so that it’s very visible.If this is a long distance move and/or you are using the services of a moving company…number your boxes.Do not specify the contents on the box. In your notebook, write the contents next to each number. This is for security reasons.

Do one thing at a time. Make yourself a daily list of what you hope to accomplish. It is very easy to get off track when packing. The hardest thing for me is stopping to reminisce about things as I pack them. Try to avoid what I call trips down memory lane.

As you are packing, make a box of things that you are planning to donate, give away or sell. This is the toughest part because it’s hard to part with personal items but rule of thumb is…If you haven’t used it for a year or two, chances are you really don’t need it anymore. (This is my biggest challenge).

Hope these tips help !

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