My husband suffered through a horrible bout of food poisoning earlier this week after eating a take out order from a well known fast food eatery. When returning to the restaurant to bring back a sample of the coleslaw that we suspected was the culprit (the only item he ate that I did not) we observed the following:
Cashiers handling money and then turning to pack up food without cleaning their hands or wearing gloves.
Employees going outside for a “break” and returning to prepare food without washing their hands

We spoke to the assistant manager and made him aware of the unsanitary conditions. He said he would address the issues with his employees.

I was in a very popular food establishment a few weeks ago watching an employee don gloves and make a sandwich. Then she turned…yes with those same gloves still on… and took the customer’s money. Then she started to prepare our order and I stopped her in her tracks. She gave me a horrified look as if I was the health inspector about to shut down the business.

Obviously, health inspectors can’t be everywhere writing up infractions but here’s how customers can help and most importantly, protect themselves.If you witness something that you know is not acceptable behavior in the food industry…report it to management immediately.

There are millions of cases of food poisoning every year and some of them prove fatal. Do what is absolutely necessary to protect yourself from being a statistic.

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