I’m still annoyed about the mistakes that are made that take up so much time to fix. One column (Incompetency on the Job) isn’t enough venting for me…I’ve just about had it with incompetency.

We have no gas in our town and because of this gas crisis, every trip anywhere is planned out carefully. When I’m asked 3 times to go back to a place of business to resign paperwork because mistakes were made by employees…I get extremely aggravated.

First of all, there are no excuses for these mistakes to have been made in the first place. As I stated before, companies need to train their employees before putting them in positions where a mistake can cause big repercussions.

In our particular situation, it caused several phone calls to unravel the mess and a possible black mark on our credit rating because an employee left off a zero when filling in our income…. which caused us to be turned down for financing to purchase a used car.. The mistake was fixed and we received our financing but it may take months before the mistake is cleared from our credit history. It’s much easier to have something put on your credit rating than taken off.

Just another example of how a mistake caused by an incompetent employee can cause a huge headache!

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