I’ve spent days researching everything I can about the last prognosis on the condition affecting my eyes, praying for something…anything…that will give me hope. I’ve come up with absolutely nothing even with the whole world (internet) at my fingertips.

The other day I was in a store trying to count out change for the cashier and I couldn’t distinguish the difference between the nickels and the quarters. The problem is…My eyes no longer dilate and when I am in a building with bright lights, my world becomes blurry even wearing sunglasses!

I am grateful to stores like Ingles who are using cash registers with huge screens that extend over to the customers side. I can literally put my nose up to the screen and watch as the cashier scans my products. I am also grateful for the kindness and respect of strangers who quickly figure out that this woman is visually impaired.

I’m trying to function in my world that must remain dark in order for me to see. The problem is …It gets very depressing to be in the dark all the time. I can’t open the blinds and enjoy a beautiful day or put on lights to illuminate a room. The darker the better for my eyes to work….

Right now, I am very frustrated yet I know I will eventually accept a condition that will be with me for the rest of my life.

So far…It is easier said than done!

Three years ago, Debi was assaulted in a rest stop in Virginia. She was sprayed in the eyes with a disinfectant which caused irreversible eye damage.

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