When my son the web designer/entrepreneur created the debidrecksler.com
site for me, I promised to write a column every single day ( I like the word column better than blog). As a consumer writer, I am used to deadlines …I have written many once a week and once a month columns ….but this is perhaps the biggest challenge of all. And I love it!

I also enjoy not having to worry about one of my columns stepping on the toes of an advertiser. I remember once writing a piece that a newspaper hesitated to publish because they were concerned about the reaction of one of their biggest accounts. This is my baby and I have free reign!

Most importantly…I love people. I have a passion for writing about the guy on the street. I try be the voice for their frustrations…for their hopes and dreams.I have no tolerance for unethical behavior, discrimination or abuse.

I know with this website …I have the potential to touch lives all over the country and even the world. As Irene Cara sang in Flashdance in 1983……….What a feeling !

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