The other day I was shopping in K-mart. After paying for my purchases, the cashier handed me an $8.00 off anything in the store coupon, to be used for my next visit. I thanked her for the coupon and as I turned to leave, I saw an elderly lady behind me with a overflowing shopping cart. I impulsively handed her the coupon and said, “Happy Holiday!” She gave me a surprised look and said, ” G-d bless you!”
When I got in the car, I felt happy that I was able to do something nice for someone else. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the shopping frenzy that we forget the best gifts of all…kindness and generous doses of love.
Imagine if everyone on this planet did one random act of kindness…or two…or three?

“What a wonderful world it would be!”

A big thank-you to all the individuals and organizations who spent countless hours working hard to make sure that families who needed assistance received it during the holiday season. You are the true heroes in every community in this country!

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