LONG BEACH, Calif. (Oct. 26) – Move over, it’s Saturday night at Club Bounce and people are bouncing onto the dance floor in a big, big way.

These are big, big people, all dressed to the nines and many tipping the scales at 250, maybe 300 pounds.

Reading this article got me thinking. Why not a nightclub that caters to people with frizzy hair, or people with a ridiculous amount of freckles or folks who can’t see without their thick glasses? The ideas are endless…

All kidding aside, I think Club Bounce is a fabulous idea. Contrary to what some critics are saying, I do not think creating a nightclub for large people encourages people to ignore their health and remain overweight. What I do think it does is reinforce the idea that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
Have you been to a night club lately? Being “hot” by club standards is almost as tough as being a runway model, but it gets you through the door a lot faster than your average Joe or God forbid, your more than a size 6 Sally. I’m sure it deflates the ego to have a club bouncer tap the person behind you and say,” You can step to the front of the line.”

“Good luck” to anyone who has the courage to step outside the box and redefine hot, cool and sexy. All I can say is , “It’s about time!”

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