The cover of People magazine recently featured 23 year old actress, Heidi Montag who had 10 surgical procedures performed to make herself feel more attractive. Since then, she has appeared on Good Morning America defending her decision to go under the knife for the second time.“I would say that none of those people know me at all,” Montag told “Good Morning America.” “And that’s just a judgment. I’m not addicted.”

A little flashback…I remember moving across town in 1966 and immediately noticing all the beautiful model like girls in my new (affluent) high-school. I didn’t discover until years later, that some of those perfect faces were the result of competent plastic surgeons sculpting noses, pinning back ears and making other cosmetic changes. Most of the surgical procedures had been done between 9th and 11th grade, before my arrival!

My point is…Plastic surgery has been around for decades, the difference being that now, with the internet and other technological advancements, we have easy access to this information.

Let us not forget that the “sellers” of these procedures, have so many more ways to market their services and convince us that we need to fix the way we look to feel better about ourselves.

Am I concerned about the influence a celebrity like Heidi Montag could have on the younger generation ? Absolutely!
However, I think most young people today are smart enough to look at the before and after pictures and quickly figure out what’s going on with this 23 year old starlet.

Heidi Montag’s story may actually help redefine the words beautiful face.

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