In our world of big names, curiously, our true heroes tend to be anonymous. In this life of illusion and quasi-illusion, the person of solid virtues who can be admired for something more substantial than his well-knownness often proves to be the unsung hero: the teacher, the nurse, the mother, the honest cop, the hard worker at lonely, underpaid, unglamorous, unpublicized jobs.

Daniel J. Boorsteen

What makes a hero? The other day I read about a man who swerved his car at the last minute so that he would take the direct impact of a fatal car accident. I cried the whole time I read the story and watched the video. He saved the life of his pregnant wife and  their unborn child.

I thought about the people in my life who are heroes in my eyes……….

The first person who came to mind was my Father who spent 14 years taking care of my disabled Mother with no thought about himself or his own needs. My Mother was the love of his life…He was there for her every single day until she took her last breath and died cradled in his arms.

I thought about my husband, who at 23 years old, put his life on hold for six months and moved to another state to settle the estate for his older brother, who was killed by a drunk driver. ( His sister-in-law, who survived the accident, was in a coma for several weeks and spent months recuperating.) His only thought was to be there for his grieving Mother and siblings.

I smile when I think about my youngest son who immediately showed up at our door when he heard that my husband had injured himself and needed help with his janitorial business. My son worked all day at his regular job and then helped his Father every night until he was positive that his Father was healed.

I feel blessed to share my life with these heroes!

Paul and Richard Drecksler

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