I don’t usually get into heavy duty politics in this column but I am making an exception today. I am aggravated about the nomination of Timothy Geithner as the Treasury Secretary of the United States.

Geithner, the President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars of taxes and he is rewarded for his unethical behavior with the job of overseeing the Internal Revenue Service and overseeing President Obama’s effort to stimulate the economy.

Is something not wrong with this picture? The sad thing is …The guy on the street has absolutely no say so in this nomination…As frustrated as we all are…It is a done deal. According to what I read…The 47-year-old is seen by in the political arena as the best candidate for the job, and there was concern that rejecting him would mean a delay in confirming a replacement that the country could not afford.

That my loyal readers is what I call a COP OUT. My small town very ethical accountant would make a better choice than this guy. I wouldn’t trust him with MY money.

And here’s what really bothers me…If one of us…the little guys did not pay our taxes… we would be harassed by the IRS …have penalties slapped on us and have our paychecks garnished.

We would not be offered the highest money management position in the country!

I welcome your comments.

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