I received an email recently (see below) asking for donations of clothing and accessories for a fundraiser. I found it funny because they were quite specific about clothing they would not accept. All I can say is…Oy vey…I’m in trouble!

Please note, the sale will not accept discount brand clothing from stores like Target or Wal-Mart
(Merona, White Stag, etc.).
Here is my reply to these two lovely ladies who are working very hard to raise money for a good cause.

Dear Ladies, Please keep in mind that you are running this fundraiser in Asheville, North Carolina not New York City or Miami Beach. Most folks here in the mountains, don’t make enough money to shop at fancy boutiques. But that’s the nice thing about living here…No-one cares where you buy your clothes! And though I am not a Walmart groupie (actually I love K-mart), surprisingly enough, those cotton shirts I bought at Walmart (made in USA) have held up through countless washings. So I’m going to have to bow out of this fundraiser but if you lower your “highfalutin” standards just a little, I’ll be happy to donate a few of my 56 pairs of shoes from Payless!

Most respectfully yours,
Debi Drecksler

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