Many years ago,( before the internet ) I read something in a women’s magazine that made me wonder if my marriage was going to last. It had to do with the frequency of sex in young married couples and included the results of a survey.With a toddler glued to my hip and another holding on to my kneecap, I showed the article to my husband. He laughed and said, “Those articles are written to sell women’s magazines. There’s nothing wrong with our relationship!” As he started to walk away, he turned and added,  (with a mischievous grin) “I will be happy to elaborate on this when the babies take their afternoon nap.”

In today’s world,with the internet at our fingertips, it seems that everyone has become an expert on intimate relationships.

I am tired of all the so called well meaning advice that is being doled out to my generation a.k.a Baby Boomers. I feel like issues are being brought up to make us feel inadequate in the bedroom, when in reality many of us are probably very happy and satisfied with the way things are. I think much of it (except the health related issues) is written to promote books and make these so called experts a huge profit.

I think my husband had a point twenty five years ago when he laughed about my relationship worries after I read that article.We’ve been together 35 years and my heart still skips a beat when he walks in the door.

If I researched THAT on the internet, I am sure it would be diagnosed as LOVE!



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