My son The Attorney called me yesterday… He was aggravated because for the second time in weeks, he ordered sandwiches at a fast food establishment and needed a magnifying glass to find the meat.

I am not surprised that the fast food industry has jumped on the bandwagon.A while back I wrote about shrink ray…A way that manufacturers hold down costs by shrinking the amount of product you are getting. I talked about grocery shopping and being aware of exactly how much is in the can, box or bottle you are purchasing.

But here is where I draw the line…I believe that consumers would much rather pay a little more for a sandwich then open up the bread and say, “Where’s the beef?” My son had every right to be upset at the portion…His perception of what he was going to receive was based on previous visits to those two nationally recognized food establishments.

The only way disgruntled consumers can make a difference is to call corporate offices and voice their concerns. As my son found out, the local franchises say they are just following guidelines set up for them by the parent company. They were not too interested in his concerns nor were they very accommodating.

If consumers don’t speak up…Nothing will change.

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