By now I’m sure my faithful readers have noticed my redesigned Debi Drecksler logo. Thanks to Paul Drecksler, my talented web designer/favorite youngest child …I have a classy new look.

The quote that I have used ( it’s original), “Who are these people in the course of your life?” is very special to me. In the past 35 years, I have repeated it hundreds of times. I believe it has helped each member of my family (including myself) deal with the world outside our door both personally and professionally.

Is someone or something getting under your skin? Take a deep breath and decide whether being upset is worth the emotional investment of your time and energy. Often in life we stress out and lose sleep over people and situations that aren’t worth it and/or will not have a profound impact on our lives.

An example might be a coworker who is miserable to work with but has nothing to do with your life outside of work. Are they worth aggravating about while you’re trying to enjoy your family dinner? Absolutely not…Chances are this person might not even be there in a few months or you will be moving on to the next exciting chapter of your life.

The key to staying happy and stress-free is to evaluate each situation as it unfolds and put it into perspective.

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