I love Kirstie Alley.  She and I are just weeks apart in age ( born in January, 1951) so I can identify with her more than I can with a lot of other celebrities.

When Kirstie agreed to be part of Dancing With The Stars, I was thrilled. Not only did we have the age connection, but I am also a voluptuous woman. Though my weight never went up or down like a yo-yo, and no-one ever told me I was overweight, I would never be asked to model on the front cover of a magazine unless they were looking for a plus size model. (Anything size 12 and above in the industry.)

I remember always being the tallest and (through my eyes) the clumsiest girl in ballet class. In those days, the teacher could poke you with his stick if you were anything but graceful. (Can you imagine a teacher trying to do that now?) I went on to modern dance, tap and jazz which allowed me a little more creativity and freedom in movement. Though I never became great at any of it, I was able to learn enough to run a dance troupe in my adult years.

In the last few years, I have been challenged with bouts of vertigo which unfortunately has resulted in my dance career coming to a screeching halt. No more dancing around the house to the music of the Pointer sisters, no more joining in on the hora at Jewish parties or convincing my husband to get up and help me shake a little booty at our favorite club.

In my vivid imagination, I am convinced that this is the only reason, Dancing With The Stars hasn’t asked me to be on their show.

So thank-you, Kirstie Alley for doing such a splendid job representing all the vibrant 60 year old Debi Dreckslers out there!

You make us proud!

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