There are two little girls from the UK who have become more famous in a short period of time than most of us can ever dream of in a lifetime. It all started with a video that landed them on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. One performance on Ellen’s show led to another and before the girls knew it, they were known through-out the world.

I’ve seen a lot of talent in the years I’ve been on this planet but not since watching Shirley Temple have I ever been so captivated with a child performer. Sophia Grace is an eight year old with a cuteness that far exceeds her physical appearance. She has an exuberance for life that I would like to bottle up and sell. EVERYTHING is exciting to her from the opportunity to perform on stage to the joy of meeting her musical idols to the absolute deliciousness of getting to travel to a new country. She epitomizes everything I love about children. She says what she feels without any cue cards or parents standing in the wings giving her looks or any of the other restrictions one might feel when appearing in front of a camera.  She is the REAL deal and America is eating her up faster than chocolate ice-cream with sprinkles on top!

I can’t get enough of Sophia Grace and her little cousin, Rosie. I am proud to confess that I am a groupie! My dream is to meet them one day and watch them perform in person. I’ll be the fan dancing in the aisles with tears of happiness streaming down her freckled face!

I start every day with one of their adorable performances (thank-you YouTube) and it keeps me smiling all day.

Watch Sophia Grace and Rosie and then drop me a line or two and tell me how your day is going!

Sophie Grace and Rosie

Sophie Grace and Rosie

* Debi Drecksler is the proud Mother of hip-hop artist, Heidi D.

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