I can’t see worth a darn (thanks to the crazy lady who ruined my eyesight), and every once in a while it frustrates me to the point that I want to SCREAM!!

That’s when I try (very hard) to look at life with a sense of humor.

So here goes….

I put in my YEARS of cooking for a family of 6, so if I mess up a few meals because I can’t see and confuse ingredients (oops) there’s always that delicious Asian all you can eat buffet right down the road. (Love their sushi!)

Just because I’ve lost my cart driving rights at the grocery store does NOT mean that I’m a hazard to others..”Ma’am, I’m really sorry I crashed into your humongous rear end but please tell the truth…you didn’t even feel it!” Alright…I’m not fooling anyone. What Debi a.k.a Miss Manners really said was, “I’m so sorry that I crashed into your rear end, causing you to end up with your head in the tomatoes. (At least they were organic!)

If I’m wearing two different color socks, you can blame it on my failing eyesight. (But my dryer eats socks on a daily basis, so even with perfect vision, I probably would still be mismatched.)

Why is my “I Love Chocolate” shirt on backwards? Blame it on the glass or two of Manischewitz that I had the night before! (Practicing for Passover while cleaning the tarnish off the wine goblets.)


Last but not least…

If you think my lipstick doesn’t match my outfit…It has nothing to do with my poor eyesight! I LOVE red lipstick, the brighter…the better. Even if it clashes with my hot pink sweater.
p.s. It’s on crooked? Well, that’s another story!!

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