Are you entirely unsatisfied with the digital publishing revolution? Do you curse your Kindle? One bookseller has the answer: it’ll swap your unwanted e-book reader for a stack of paperbacks, hardbacks and magazines.
Portland, Oregon-based Microcosm Publishing said it will trade a Kindle – a gadget it slams as “soulless faux-literary technology” – for the device’s value in new or used books and mags. Tony Smith
When I read the article about this book store, I thought to myself,”Is this just a creative marketing idea or are these people really sincere?” Then I watched this video and fell in love with the adorable guy promoting the store.

My four children grew up in a house filled with books. Whenever we moved, we packed up the books and took them with us. I remember my oldest daughter coming home from a library book sale with bags filled with “old” books that she had bought for a fraction of the cost. To her, this was a “find”..This love of books has continued…

My youngest daughter discovers treasures at second hand shops. Often the books are brand new. My youngest son enjoys spending the day at a bookstore with a good cup of coffee and an endless supply of business/entrepreneur books to look through. When he buys one, I always think it is a compliment to the author because the kid is brilliant enough to write his own. My first born child has a room filled with books for his seven year old daughter. My granddaughter told me recently that she loves to read… Music to her Grandma Bubbi’s ears!

The point is…Schools are talking about eliminating books to save money. I’m all for cost effective measures but I can’t see getting rid of books altogether. What will happen to libraries? Bookstores?

I have a shelf filled with books that were given to me by family. Loving words, inscribed on the inside of each book, are priceless to me. You can’t inscribe a book that you read on an e-book reader. You can’t go back years later, read the inscription and remember that special  moment when you unwrapped the gift, hugged your loved one and said, “I will cherish this forever!”

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