Yesterday, I had a 6 month follow up visit with a doctor. An expressionless assistant quickly took some information, completely ignoring any additional comments I made.Then she got up, walked out of the exam room and shut the door.

I was kept waiting a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes (including time in the lobby area.) Not one of themany staff came into the room to tell me that the doctor was running behind schedule, not even when I opened the door because I was so overheated. When the doctor finally came in, looking totally overwhelmed, he barely glanced at my chart. He gave me a blank look as if he was seeing me for the first time. Then he quickly diagnosed me completely differently then he did 6 months ago and recommended that I have surgery. Just like that folks…Unbelievable!!

The doctor seem surprised when I immediately questioned his diagnosis. The old trick is to make the patient feel like they are insulting the doctor’s credibility. He let me know the thousands of surgeries he has done through the years. Did it make me feel guilty for asking my questions? Readers…What do YOU think?

I will ask my questions, expect answers to be given to me respectfully and I will NOT tolerate a medical assistant who swings open the door and latches it, while we ( the Doctor and I ) are still talking, to let me know by the aggravated expression on her face… “Your time is up missy!”

As they say in Yiddish, “She had chutzpah!”

The Doctor’s last words to me were, “You don’t look too happy!”

You think????????

*I do not have a life threatening condition and I will be researching all options before making a decision. It disturbs me when Doctors don’t want to hear the question, “What are the risks with this surgery?” A patient has the right to know!

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