I just turned 59 and a half… (July 29th) and as is traditional in our family, I celebrated my half birthday. I am sure some of you are thinking “Why is this woman at her age celebrating a half birthday?” My answer…”Why not?”

I’m happy for every second, minute, hour and day that I am alive and kicking!

By my age, my Mother was afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease and locked like a prisoner in her own body. It was heartbreaking. My mother had plans that never came to life… She had places to go and things to do.. Having spent years raising a large family, she looked forward after the children were grown, to having a few adventures and spending quality time with the love of her life…my Father!!

My life mirrors my Mother’s life in many ways. We both had large families, we both became professional writers and we both married really good men.

I feel like I am living every moment of this stage of my life, not only for myself…but for my Mother, too!

Any adventures that I am lucky enough to  have (even if they are just in my own backyard)… I will not forget to make a toast to my Mother!

* Blanche Barnett Nevel (1924-1991) translated stories from Yiddish to English for Nobel Prize Winner, Isaac Bashevis Singer.

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