I woke up this morning and all my body parts were still working!   I was VERY happy!!

happy to be alive

At my age my Mother spent her days fighting for a few moments to feel like a normal person. Most of the time, she was in excruciating pain from a debilitating illness.

Sometimes you have to put things into perspective to understand and appreciate what you have.

I think my Mother would have happily accepted growing old if she had been blessed with a healthy body. I doubt she would have wasted one minute looking in the mirror for signs of aging.


I think about her every day and live my life accordingly….

I refuse to be obsessed with the physical signs of aging.  It’s a waste of my time…

I’m too busy EMBRACING  the years that were taken away from my Mother.

LIVING  for the both of us……

The Nevel Family


Dedicated to Blanche Barnett Nevel who brought 5 children into the world who were all inspired by their Mother to live and love each day to the fullest!

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