Friday night, I performed my comedy at a busy pub mostly filled with a crowd young enough to be my children. At my age, that would include anyone 40 and under! I knew it was going to be tough to be heard over all the noise and action. Having a powerful microphone really helped. I decided to improvise just a little to get their attention before I went into my routine. I let them know that I was Asheville’s G-rated version of Joan Rivers except that I was the “real” thing…No Botox…No face or body parts lifted on this 58 year old lady. I did a little twirl and got a loud cheer from the audience and a tipsy guy screaming, “You don’t look a day over 43!”

This gig was a far cry from my last one where there was no alcohol involved and the audience was filled with lots of baby boomers who understood my humor. As I did my thing, I looked around the room and realized that these “kids” were actually listening to me and smiling. Maybe they were thinking about their own parents and realizing how gutsy I was to walk into their Friday night hang-out and attempt to entertain them.

As I insinuated in my last column, There’s No Stopping This Feisty “Old” Lady, I have no intentions of slowing down just because I’m old enough for the early bird special. I want to be a role model for the over 50 crowd who after a lifetime of living and working hard, may be wondering what’s next on the agenda.

Hopefully, I’ll be their inspiration to get off the couch and “go do their thing.”

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