Thanks to hackers who managed to invade our office/home computers today, I spent the afternoon without a computer. Thank goodness we were able to get help to fix the problem. As much as I complain about technology taking over the world, I did not like being computer-less.   There was so much that I could not do both business and personal.

Here is what I did accomplish.

1. I had wonderful conversations with two people who still talk on the phone. The list gets smaller and smaller. So many people I know will only communicate via text or email unless it is an emergency situation like a death in the family or they’ve popped into town unexpected and want to come over in 5 minutes.

2. I sang twelve songs to an audience of one….myself!

3. I peered out the window and stared at all the mountains.


Debi's view from her window on a Fall day

4. I straightened up my desk and found 6 old lottery tickets, a people magazine that published a quote of mine (Feb.15, 2010…pg 6 ) and my Yiddish Dictionary (Very useful when I wrote my “Ask Bubbi” advice column.)

Here are a few examples of my advice columns:  ( photo credit given to

Ask Bubbi

Ask Bubbi

Dear Bubbi,

Are you really as old as your cartoon picture insinuates? I heard this column was being written by a much younger person.

~Curious Reader

Dear Curious Reader,

When I was born, Harry Truman was President, and the price of a first class stamp was three cents. A double dip ice cream cone at the A&P was a nickel and for fifty-two cents, I could get 3 mini burgers and a birch beer at Royal Castle. Hope that answers your question!

Dear Bubbi,

Any suggestions on what to do if your 26 year old boyfriend dumps you after 4 years of dating because he decides he loves his freedom more than you? He’s packing to take a cross country trip with his two best friends while I’m writing this.

~Dumped By the Wayside

Dear Dumped By the Wayside,

I would get back on my horse and look for greener pastures. Wish him a nice life and be happy you didn’t get this “I need my freedom” spiel (speech) 20 years from now.

Dear Bubbi,

I haven’t met anyone nice to date in years (exhausted all the local options) and I’m about to throw in the towel. I’m a 62 year old grandmother, full of energy (if you know what I mean) and just want to have a meaningful relationship, that maybe could lead to marriage. Help me!!

~Not Ready To Throw In The Towel

Dear Not Ready To Throw In the Towel,

Have you tried one of the legitimate matchmaking services online? A few words of advice…Tell the truth, A halber e’mes iz a gantster lig’en, (a half truth is a whole lie). Put up a real picture (not a “staged” photo) and be careful how much personal information you reveal until you get to know a prospective date. As far as your “energy” is concerned, be careful how and who you use it with. Practice the same precautions you lectured your children about when they started dating!

I miss my advice column and would like to start writing  it again. I enjoy using my life experience as a Jewish Mother/grandmother, my humor and my psychic abilities to help people with the challenges they face in everyday life.

So that was how I spent the afternoon without my computer. I’m glad I have it back or I wouldn’t be able to share any of this with you!





p.s. Since you now know the identity of the Ask Bubbi advice columnist, feel free to send your questions to her at She will solve your problems and make your day a little brighter!





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